Mechatronic engineers presemt their theses viva: inventions for agricultural mechanization

  •     The first final qualification works viva presentations made by the students studying according to the programs of bachelor's and master's courses in "Mecha-tronics and robotics" have taken place.
  •     The special attention of the State Examination Board was attracted by the student's projects executed according to «Agromechatronics» direction within the frames of Erasmus+ Project 585596-EPP-1-2017-1-DE-EPPKA2-CBHEJP Foster-ing Internationalization in Agricultural Engineering in Iran and Russia [FARmER], implemented by the SRSPU (NPI).
  •     The purpose of bachelor's degree project by Nikolai Hudyak is quality im-provement of grain thresh by combine harvester. The mechatronic module of con-cave gap automatic control is designed by means of installing a hydraulic actuator into the adjustment joint which is at present a mechanical one.
  •     The given modernization allows to increase adjustment accuracy which will lead to quality improvement of the grain thresh. The proposed mechatronic module was designed and tested on the DON 1500B combine harvester and has shown its efficiency in practice. For the proposed design the approbation certificate has been granted. In future Nikolai is planning to continue modernizing a combine harvester within his master thesis.
  •     During the open house future engineers and their parents could attend the departments and laboratories, observe the equipment, have a talk to tutors and come closer to making their career choices.
  •     The master thesis by Evgenii Get'manov is devoted to the development and investigation of mechatronic system with intellectual control for vertical gardens watering and irrigation. During the thesis viva presentation Evgenii demonstrated to the commission the experimental model in operation which confirmed the effi-ciency of the developed methods and control algorithms.