Open house at SRSPU (NPI)

  •     From 22 of March to 24 of March 2018 traditional open house took place at SRSPU (NPI) when school children from Novocherkassk and other towns of the region could come to the university, get acquainted with faculties and departments, communicate to tutors and senior students, observe the educational process and the conditions of knowledge acquisition and probably solve one of the main problems facing the school leavers– which institution to enter after school?
  •     22-23 of March at the university’s Covered Court information boards were exposed in order for the applicants and upper school pupils to realize what technologies are used to educate students at the first higher educational establishment in the South of Russia.
  •     The prospective students of the university were welcomed during the festive events in frames of the open house. At the main building music was played and traditional Don Cossack songs were performed by the SRSPU (NPI) Cossack choir. At the Covered Court exhibiting modules were actively displaying all possibilities and perspectives for the applicants.
  •     Special attention of the public was paid to the presentation of international programs carried out at the university. Among them is the Erasmus+ Project 585596-EPP-1-2017-1-DE-EPPKA2-CBHEJP under the title Fostering Internationalization in Agricultural Engineering in Iran and Russia [FARmER]. The project is dedicated to the development of “Agromechatronics” master’s program at the international level. Being trained according to the program students will not only learn the world innovative designs of agricultural robots while studying a number of subjects taught in English by the leading world scientists but get a double degree of the Russian and European university.
  •     During the open house future engineers and their parents could attend the departments and laboratories, observe the equipment, have a talk to tutors and come closer to making their career choices.
  •     Choosing Novocherkassk polytechnic university you are hitting the right path!